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Corey Casper

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    I called Corey Casper, and told him that we were moving from NY but ONLY had 2 days to find and purchase a new house (Saturday + Sunday - weekend before Thanksgiving). We met with Corey for the first time on Saturday Morning, and he had in excess of 35 properties exactly to our specifications for us to view. He had appointments already set up, and had arranged the GPS navigation, so the travel time was efficient and timely. As we made minor changes to our specifications, he IMMEDIATELY. updated the listings and re-arranged the schedules. I briefly worked with some other Austin realtors. They were non-responsive and terrible. Corey was. BEYOND. Outstanding. He even helped us on personal time, to meet with Spectrum and have our cable installed while we were back in N.Y. Do yourself a favor and don't deal with anyone else but Corey. You will be happy you did. We. DID. Buy a house on Sunday, and were able to move in at Christmas time, ALL. Because of Corey. He was even willing to cancel his out of town Thanksgiving plans, if we were not successful in finding a house in 2 days. Thankfully that was not necessary. He is friendly, professional, efficient, trustworthy and a great guy. Please feel free to call me for references. Tom Stackieewicz
    Jan 17, 2017

Corey Casper

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